About Andy


Growing up in La Crosse, Wisconsin I was surrounded by water which helped in giving me a special passion for fishing from a very young age.  I just loved being out on the water or ice, catching fish, enjoying the fresh air, and being out in mother nature.  Ever since I could walk I have been on the water, winter and summer.  As far back as I can recall I can remember studying and remembering what structure, and or depths that the fish would relate to for a specific time of year.  I would get a distinctive butterfly feeling in my stomach every time I would get the chance to go fishing.  A feeling which I still possess to this very day.  After I graduated with a two year degree from college I joined the Army where I spent five years.

As a child my dad and I would travel to northern Wisconsin on vacation to do some fishing.  Ever since then it had been a dream of mine to someday live and hopefully start guiding up in the Northwoods.  A couple years after I got out of the Army I moved to Rhinelander and started the first leg of my dream in late 2007.  Right from the start I spent almost all of my free time fishing and exploring new lakes of which I had hundreds to choose from.  I became friends with a couple seasoned fishing guides in the area that took me under their wings.  I learned so much from these guides and did a lot of watching and listening.  Before long I knew I had more than enough knowledge to start guiding on my own