Fishing Locations

Lakes I Service

Rhinelander Area Lakes

831 Lakeshore Dr, Rhinelander, WI 54501, USA

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McNaughton Area Lakes

Mc Naughton, WI, USA

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Three Lakes Chain

1277 Willits Rd, Three Lakes, WI 54562, USA

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Eagle River Chain

Lincoln, WI 54521, USA

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St. Germain Area Lakes

St Germain, WI, USA

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Phelps Area, North and South Twin, Big Sand

Phelps, WI, USA

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Minocqua Area Lakes

Minocqua, WI, USA

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I guide in both Oneida and Vilas counties.

My specialty areas and lakes are:

  • Rhinelander Area Lakes
  • McNaughton Area Lakes
  • Three Lakes Chain
  • Eagle River Area Lakes
  • Eagle River Chain
  • St. Germain Area Lakes
  • Phelps Area North and South Twin, and Big Sand
  • Minocqua Area Lakes

I have lots of different lakes to choose from.  So no matter what species, I will put you in the best position to catch them.  Lakes will get a ‘bite’ at different times in which I keep very up to date.  I pay attention to many different factors, including fishing these lakes on my own to stay current for my clients.

Meeting Location

Our meeting location will depend upon where you are staying and the lake we are fishing.  Your guide time does not start until we are on the water, so travel time is not used against you.  I will work with you on our meeting place to make it easy to find, and close to our lakes boat ramp location.