Bucktails and Leaders that are handcrafted and custom designed by Andy Hendrickson. I make my own line of bucktails called X-TALES as well as 12″ 130# fluorocarbon leaders. I make all kinds of different sizes of bucktails from small single French blades up to a double #12 (#24) Colorado blade.

In 2012 I came up with my own identification system for my bucktails.  A double ‘8’ Colorado blade bucktail is a “16 Colorado.”  If it is a double ’10’ Colorado I call it a “20 Colorado.”  So on and so forth…

I use only the best hardware in my bucktails because I use them myself and I want bucktails that last!!  I’ve used some of the competitors bucktails that use smaller wire, smaller clevises, hollow beads, and too small of a treble hook.

I make my bucktails and leaders in my garage workshop in Rhinelander, WI.  I tie my own Flashabou, and I do custom colors.  “As long as they make it, I can tie it”!

X-TALES Gallery

I use .062″ wire on all of my bucktails that are a #10 blade and bigger.  Anything smaller and I use .051″ wire.  I ALWAYS use solid beads and adequate clevises as well as a treble hook that is big enough to handle what it’s being made to fish for.  Just as with my bucktails I use heavy duty hardware when making my leaders.  I use #5-200lb Ringed BB Swivels as well as #5-200lb Stay-Lok Snaps along with a good quality 130# fluorocarbon leader material.  I also softly squeeze a leader crimp on both tag ends of the leaders to ensure that your line doesn’t get caught in between the two strands of line.

Prices of bucktails vary depending upon what you want.

*Currently X-TALES products are not for sale on my website.  If you are interested in my products or have any custom ideas please contact me.